Friday, July 19, 2013

A little technique and a shop sign

I decided to make my shop sign from painted plywood. The sign has to be finished as one of the first things to do in the shop because the danish equivalet to "Tour de France" called "Post Danmark Rundt" passes on the way to the finish line so a lot of people will come and see the bikes (and hopefully my shop :-)

First photoshop layout

On the sidepanels I will place two large QR-codes one pointing to my website and another pointing to facebook.

I don't have a cnc that big so handcutting with a scrollsaw is the way to go. For transferring the letters to the plywood I learned this technique from one of the scrollsawers-blogs. First I draw outline of the letter with my cad-program and then print the drawing on a laserprinter. The drawing is then placed with the printed side facing the plywood. Then the paper is soaked with zylene and rubbed with a soft cloth. A photocopied drawing can be used too.

The drawing can be seen through the paper.

 And pattern ready for scrool-sawing. The zylene evaporate without any signs on the wood.

I have also used this technique for miniatures for both sawing and carving. Much easier than using transferpaper.

After a few hours scroll-sawing here is the result. Ignore the letters isn't on a straight line :-)

The dots after N and J should be a little larger. Next is a paint job.

And a first floor view of our garden. In the background is another real size project I have promised to finish this week-end. Removing old paint from a door and then repaint and giving some oil to the garden chairs

Have a nice week-end


  1. Dear Niels,

    I wish you good luck with your shop! You make wonderful items. I keep following your blog!
    Greetings Dorien

  2. The letters looks great Niels and your garden too! Enjoy the working weekend :-)

  3. Lovely garden!!!! If (i've seen it right?) the Danmark Rundt finishes where you're shop is, on the last leg you still have a few more days? Good luck, the sign is looking crisp! Wonder what colour it will become? Blue as in the photoshopped impression?

    Have a great weekend