Monday, December 26, 2011

Mini Thickness Sander

The making of miniature furniture often requires strips of wood in odd small sizes. For this I use my manual milling setup with the X-Y-table and a piece of aluminium angle as a fence. The sanding-drum is from Dremel.

Closeup of the setup. The wood-strip is pulled by hand between the fence and the sanding-drum.

A dustmask or some other dustremoving is recommended

Mitering is possible, too.

Test miter.

Have fun


  1. My husband made me a drum sander for my lathe and it works great!!!! You can see it here

  2. This is only for small and very small strips! For preparing wood I first cut with a bandsaw or a small tablesaw. For wood down to 1.5mm I use a proxxon Thicknesser DH40 and for sizes thinner than 1.5mm a thickness sander. I like the Proxxon DH40 better than the thickness-sander because it produces shavings instead of dust.