Sunday, January 1, 2012

About 300 small pieces of wood later!

 During the last few weeks I have finished this "little" project in scale 1/48.

The idea for this project was inspired from the seminar Bill Robertson gave about a 1/48-scale dollshouse at "The Guild School" in 2010.





All drawers (even the small in the secretaire) is dovetailed.

Happy New Year and have fun.

PS: My next project will be in a larger scale.


  1. Niels they are fantastic!!!! Dovetails is something I still need to learn. What wood did you use????. If you are going to Guild School this year I would be happy to bring you a few pieces of the Mopane that Bill Robertson uses, I get it for free here in South Africa.

  2. The bookmatched veneer is amboina, inner parts: drawers, bearings etc. is ramin and rest is from mahogany. I tried using stained cherry but was not satisfied with the look and feel so I reverted to an old piece of mahogany instead.
    Yes we are going to Castine this year and hopefully we get our first choice classes.
    That could be fun to try a piece of mopane.

  3. I am not too fond of staining wood, I will bring you a piece of the Mopane, it makes for a nice miniature mahogany, the grain is very fine and closed. My first choice class was the Brass Bed.