Friday, February 17, 2012

Frontframes for Highboy

Test fit of lower drawers.

Horizontal drawer dividers.

Vertical drawer dividers. I choose to make a frontframe instead of attaching the horizontal drawer dividers into the side panels.

I made some extras. You will notice that some of the dividers is a litthe thicker that's because the upper drawers is a little too small.

Test fit of large drawers. Looks good to me.

Free verticals. Ready to mount.

 Just put on some glue in the grooves and then mount the verticals. I'll wait to mount the small top verticals until the glue has set.

And because the horizontal dividers is still in the frame everything is perfectly square. When the glue has set the front frame is sawn free and ready for next step.

Have fun

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  1. It is going to look great Niels, I can't imagine working this small with so much detail!!!!!