Friday, February 24, 2012

37.5 percent loss

Continued making cabriole legs. It is always a good thing to make a few extras!

First side of blanks milled.

Here is the first 12.5%. I placed the blank wrong way in the holder. It's the left one.

Then I changed some parameters in the milling software and forgot to make a holding tab. A holdingtab is a part that is left behind in the milling-process and then keeps the part in place.

37.5%. One of the legs just disappeared on the workbench. Of the eight leegs I started out with there is just five left.

When glueing small parts a caliper is very handi as a parallel clamp.

Hand milling groove for backplate.

Sides of lower part of highboy isready to be attached to the front frame.

Lower part ready for mounting of inside drawer dividers

Have fun

PS: Someone may have noticed the change of coin from euro to american quarterdollar, that's because I'm working on a seminar presentation for The IGMA Guild School in june. Title will be something with CNC and miniatures.


  1. Wow, it looks great Niels, you are managing to put a lot of detail into something very small!!!! Thanks for the caliper clamp tip.

  2. Fascinating !
    I am a regular vistor of your blog and I am always amazed by you skill in mixing high technology and woodworking.
    Bravo Niels !