Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A few hours later

A few months ago I dropped a project of several reasons. Now I will try that project again but first the carvings on the doors should look right!

Below is the first try. Looks good except for the center flower. Size is approximately 14mm by 14mm.

Light form snother angle:

The original is a very low detailed photo taken from an auction site so I can't make better photos.

Original cut out from a photo. Size is 108*114pixels.I haven't found an easy method for transforming a photo to cnc-code. Some programs can do that but they requires more detailed (= more pixels) photos.

Instead I made this low resolution interpretation of the carving. This drawing is then processed with a program called MeshCam-Art. The colours in the drawing representd the depth of the cutting.

Meshcam can calculate the time to be used by the cnc-machine. It told me that runtime would be about half an hour. So I just transferred the code to he milling machine. Half an hour later the machine was still running and only one third was cut :-) Then I inspected the code. Meshcam had made 1500000lines of code! The total runtime was 4.5hours.
Learningcurve for those cad/cam programs is quite steep.

Here is another doorfront for the project. Cutting time was less than one hour so I have learned a little :-)

The milling cutter I use is a 0.1mm 10degree V-cutter.

Have fun


  1. Wow, that looks amazing! Especially the last picture; so much detail and not a chip to be seen (the grain looks e-nor-mous compared to it) Well done!!

    Did you use the same method for that last panel? The MeshCam Art software? If so, did you have a more detailed original, cos the curves in the design are very smooth. Wonderful.

    Glad you picked this project up again, i like it very much so far. So please, do proceed on the steep learning curve ;) im keen to see you progress.

  2. You can see my original photos grabbed from an auction site several years ago plus the drawing I process in MeshCam-Art here:

    As can be seen from the photos a little "artistic" translation is required.