Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stepwise refinements

In the freetime at the GuildSchool I traced the photo of the chest from the online catalogue. It was a quick and dirty trace just to show my class mates how to transfer a photo to be used in a cnc-tool. Outer frame is 42mm * 17mm half size of the chest I carved at the GuildSghool.

Here is the first cutout in cherry. Intention at this point was to make the basic and boring cutout using cnc and then add the finer details using handtools.

And in a piece of pear. Still problems with the stems.

Then I retraced the original photo. This is done by drawing small line segments following the contours in the photo.

A little better:
Adjusting some of the cutting parameters for the cnc-machine. Now the pearwood grain gives trouble so back to cherry.
Before I made the last cutting I added more details!
Monday I will try staining the piece. I don't have the right colours right now.

Have done a little touchup using handtools :-)

Have fun


  1. Handy for getting flat grounds with everything the same level.

  2. I like the approach as it sure takes some weight out of the "basic and boring cutout" needed in the back ground. But i do see a danger pop up? When the class results were on display in Castine, i remember I was taken how varied the end result was and how each and every chest had it's own character. I actually really liked that. It could that this technique takes away some of the room to express ones own "hand"? No critique though, it's just a thought...

    Cos this sure is handy! I'm actually in the process of doing something quite similar, as you might remember? I'll post about the bedposts i've shown you soon.

  3. I know that I'm walking on a very thin line :-)

  4. Very nice Neils, & to think it's only half size of the original. So much detail.
    Great Job!!!!
    P.S. Who was the manufacturer of the cnc tool change. You had mentioned it to me but I forgot.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it is half size.
      Toolchanger is from, private mail sent.

  5. Came across a design for a pressure foot for cutting small parts with no tabs. Of course what they consider small and what we consider small are somewhat different, lol. It does look to be something that would not be too difficult to made for oneself.