Friday, August 24, 2012

Crosscut slide for the small tablesaw

Well.Sometimes you have to change your mind.

For years I have ignored the small Proxxon tablesaw. It was too small to use for serious work was my opinion, so it was just stored in the back of the cupboard.

Well, yesterday I made miterslides for the saw and in short time I cut miters for six frames! Usually when I make special moldings I make at least twice the length to be sure I have enough for replacing errors. Yesterday I sat back with the whole second length of molding.

So todys project is to make a few more accessories for the tablesaw.

Crosscut slide:
Simple! Two rails glued to the back of a piece of 1mm aeroplane plywood. When the glue has set the plate is mounted on the tablesaw and the bottom fence glued to the plywood. Of course square to the sawblade. Then the slot is cut. Ready for use.


This is a very clever device that makes very fine adjustments possible. Micromark sells one for the Microlux tablesaw. The Microlux tablesaw is nearly the same as the now discontinued Proxxon FKS/E tablesaw. If you are in the market for a small tablesaw and find a Proxxon FKS/E; Buy it now, because it is better than the new FET in my opinion.
Here is the parts for the accurizer.
 And the accurizer mounted on the tablesaw with the fence close to the sawblade.The accurizer can be mounted anywhere between the sawblade and the right side of the sawtable.
Loosening the two screws the slider can be moved to the other end so the fence moves about 5mm away from the sawblade.

The slider can be locked any place between the two ends

Have fun

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