Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Making thumb screws and progress.

The required chemicals has arrived.

Right two bottles is silicone for the VAT-bottom and the right bottle is the light sensitive resin to make models from.

The VAT was coated today. Now it has to cure for 48hours on a flat surface. If everything goes straight I can try first printing at the end of the week :-)

Coated VAT, Hard to see but the bottom has a very thin layer of silicone.

For holding the VAT to the sliding table I was in need for two thumbscrews. The local hardware store didn't have any in the right size! What to do then?

Simple design was done in Sketchup and then 3D-printed.


And the result:

The lower case is finished and the projector mounted on a baseplate. The projector will be moved up and down depending on some of the printing parameters. Position will be locked by placing dowels in the rails. A screw for moving was considered, maybe in the next version


For testing measurements I made the build platform from MDF a cheap material to use for testing how all the parts fit together. A new made of plexiglas is on the workbench ready to replace the MDF-version. 

What remains now? The easy part, namely wiring the electronics, configuration of software and testing operation without photosensitive resin.

Yesterday a new garden door came and the carpenter will mount tomorrow.
New door

This is the old garden-door. Hopefully the new door will bring a little more light into our dining room.
Old door

Have fun 


  1. Haha, can't find the right size screw? Print it! And in my eyes you're a wizard calling the configuration of software the 'easy part' :)

    Finally, hope the new doors have made a difference for your dining room.

  2. Our dining room looks and feels a lot larger now and some mornings when we come down we think: "Oh. I forgot to close the door before going to bed!"