Wednesday, April 8, 2015

SLA printer progress

A little progress on the SLA 3d-printer. I didn't get much time in the workshop during the Easterholidays :-)

First was testing the slide mechanism. Since this photo wast taken I replaced the wooden rails with rails made from plastic because of lower friction.

Test of slidemechanism

Then the upper case was assembled and rails for z-movement (up-down) mounted.

Top case

To get measurements for the lower case that contains the projector a mockup was setup on the dining table.


From other side

In normal use of the projector is meant for projecting a large image on a wall or screen and that gives a too large image so something must be done. Either modify the projector so it can focus at the close distance that requires opening the projector and removing stops in the lens. I didn't like to do that. So instead I chose to try using my set of close-up lenses.

Close-up lens

An (cheap) adapter between the internal thread of the projector lens and the external thread of the close-up lenses is on the way from Ebay. The blue masking tape was just to hold the lens for test.

Back to the drawing board designing the lower box.

Have fun

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