Saturday, March 3, 2012

Give up? Start all over? Lower ambitions!

Friday afternoon I was in a bad mood.  I didn't feel good with the aprons on the lower case.

The aprons didn't look as I wanted! They should fit behind the knee of the legs like this photo shows.

After a break. Walk to the libary etc.. I decided to continue a little less amditious.

This is how the lower part looks today. (The holes in the back is my invention. With a small pushstick you can push the drawers out from the carcas. Handles in the will be too small.)

I dropped to put aprons on the sides, too.

The upper part looks like this just now.

I spend the evening figuring out how to make the curved moldings. Tomorrow will show.

Spring is coming.

Have more fun


  1. Yes, I think some things should just be left alone in mini, especially in 1/48 scale it must be even more difficult. looking forward to see how you do the curved molding, good luck with it. The way Carol Hardy did that on the tall clock we made last year in Castine was so easy and not something I would have thought of at all!!!

  2. It looks great already. I'm looking forward to see how you solve this problem. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Elga. Let me guess: Pinrouting.

    Dorien: Thanks!

    I think I have solved the topmolding.

  4. Yes, pinrouting both curves in a fairly big piece of wood in one continuous cut and then cutting the waste away. Oh and the molding for the sides on the one edge of the wood, so the miters also worked out perfect.

  5. Love to see you work out the challenges that emerge from your creations. Looks incredible already! Keep it up!