Thursday, May 3, 2012


All the drawers glued up
Another view
 And from the side
Next is the lower part with the cabriole legs.

When drawing the legs it came to my mind that the cutters I use can't cut the full depth of the wood. The largest size cutter I normaly use is 1.0mm and it can only cut 7mm depth and the leg requires 10mm.
Looking through my drawers I found a forgotten 2mm cutter and I just had to try it out.

Looks al right!
So now I can go on with the drawings for the legs

Some may ask. Why just scale up the old drawings? Well it is not possible because when working in the smaller scales some details is ignored either because they can't be done in the small scale or they can't be seen at all. 

Have fun


  1. Wow, you're quick, in this tempo you will be likely to finish this cabinet as well and bring it with you to Maine!?

  2. The drawers are perfect. I'm interesting to see the dresser finished. ;)