Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring cleanup and scaling up

Yesterday was spend with a little spring cleanup. My trusty Proxxon DH-40 Thicknesser needs a new set of cutters.

At the same time all the old shavings was removed from the inside.

A few years ago I made a small modification to the covers because the way they are designed the inside of the machine is filled with shavings very fast.

Here is a photo I took back then.  Result of all the shavings was that the horizontal drive belt was totally destroyed.

Here is where the shavings is entering the inside.

And the other side.

The solution was to make covers from perspex.
And the other side.
Yesterday I only found some very fine dust inside easily vacuumed away. Now the thicknesser is ready for preparing wood to be used in the next projects.

I have started a new project. The Queen Anne Highboy again but this time in scale 1/12.
This is drawer number 1.
 It is huge compared to my previous projects.

Have fun

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