Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moving forward

A little progress

Sidepanels before assembly. All the mortises in the legs made a little trouble. Actually I had to make 2 more legs because I cut in wrong places.

Lower with internal drawer dividers
And with drawers.

The postman came with this.
That's a replacement of the photo process for making brass fittings. I haven't tried the method yet but it sounds promising.

The design is printed on the tonertransfer paper (left) and then the print is placed on the brass sheet and heated in a laminator or with an iron. The toner from the laserprinter is then transferred onto the brass and after washing the paper off in water the brass is ready to etch. Of course the image has to be transferred to both sides of the brass else the design is etched away :-)

More to follow

Have fun


  1. The furniture piece is coming along nicely despite the second cutting. It is fun to see the CNC work being done in miniature.

    I am very interested in hearing about how difficult or easy it is to get the front and back sides of the photo resist patterns aligned. I would really appreciate it if you discuss how you did that.

  2. Shouldn't be a problem! Align the two sheets and tape together. Then place brass sheet between the layers. When electronics people can make doubleside printed circuit boards that way I can do brass sheets :-)

  3. I'm smiling cos of the simplicity of your answer Niels. I read Karin's comment and thought, yah, thats a hurdle to take... cos initially i pictured the brass to be bigger then the film. But if you let go of that thought... it could also be smaller so you can simply slide it in between... :)

    It sure is fun to follow your work