Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1/24 is BIG

Next few weeks will be very busy. Not very much writing maybe progress photos.

Drawers for highboy in 1/24 scale. Fronts is 0.4mm plywood because then I kave more than 3 layers of wood and therefore less problems with warping when applying veneer.

 Legs compared.

Have fun

Hint: Read instructions carefully and in good time. I just discovered that current projects does not fit in my current category. Some of you may guess why :-)


  1. Oops, 1/48 is too small for your category!!!! Well, good luck with getting all the 1/24 furniture finished in time, I am flying out on 1 June and still have a lot of furniture to finish before then.

  2. Dear Niels,
    1/24 that's very small. I'm lucky to do 1:12. This is wonderful.