Friday, March 30, 2012

Cutoffs. And a little about finish.

Today I took the great step and sawed off the large woodblocks from the legs.
And a little about what I use for finish.

At first I sand the piece with several grades of sandpaper for a smooth and even finish of the wood.

Then I apply 2 coats of pore-filler. I use a product from Graupner called GlatFix. It is a cellulose-based porefiller and it can be coloured with spitit bases stains if necessery. A light sanding between the layers.
Then I apply two or thre layers of model-aeroplane dope with sanding in between. Aeroplane-dope again is a cellulosebased laquer. It stinks but I like the resulting finish.
. I have tried cellulose-based laquer from our local paint-store but even when thinned it is not as good as the dope.
When the dope has dried about 24 hours I all faces with grade 000 steelwool.

Status of today.
What is missing? Two finials, Drawer handles. two rlarge osettes. Lots of time until my deadline so maybe I should start another 1/24 project :-)

Have fun


  1. Beautiful miniatures, I love the veneer it looks perfect the way the figuring is arranged and also perfect for scale. I am sure it will really impress the people at your Guild School lecture.

    Using model dope, I would not have considered that but it makes perfect sense.

  2. Oh, Niels, they are turning out excellent, hope I get a chance to see them at Guild School.

  3. I hope the strict judges like them too :-)

  4. Love the satin sheen, fits very well. I'm in collaboration on a project that involves CNC work so I'm keen to listen and hear all about your work. And to have the opportunity to see these lovely tallboys in real too. They are very impressive!