Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kronborg Castle

A while ago I worked for a company that have a "Clean Desk" policy.

Today a little  tour in the good weather to Kronborg Castle.

Several pieces of interesting furniture but most of them too big to replicate for the small dolls house rooms.

This cabinet has some very interesting veneering. The only miniaturist I have seen doing the same type was the late master  Barry Hipwell.


When home again I cut the veneer for the drawerfronts. Yesterday I glued the two book-matching pieces of veneer and sanded down to 0.45mm with a thickness sander.
Glueing veneer to draverfront. The fronts is made from 0.4mm plywood so warping wil hopefully not be a problem.
The two top and bottom centerdrawers will be made later.
This evening the highboy looks like this.

1 comment:

  1. Your highboy already looks so elegant with these thin, almost feminine legs.
    Very elegant.
    The veneer you used is beautiful, did n't it break off while working it?
    I am already curious to see the next pics.