Monday, March 26, 2012

More photoetchings

Spend part of the evening etching escuteons for the highboy.

Result looks good but I forgot to take care of the height of the smallest drawers.
On the high drawers it looks good.

And closeup of small drawer.
 The escuteons will be used for drawerhandles and keyholes but I will trim off the "roof" on all of them before mounting. Again think twice.

The closeup photos was taken with this setup.
My Pen-Epl2 with adapter from micro-four-thirds to fou-thirds mount plus a 25mm extension tube and at last an Olympus 14-45mm lens. The extension tube makes it possible to take macro or close-up photos with a standard lens.



  1. Hi Niels, very interesting to follow your progress on the highboy. Could you show and tell more about the photo-etching process please? ~Josje~

  2. Ah, found the post from February 15th! Thanks for explaining this.
    Would you please consider adding labels to your posts so it is easier to search through posts?

  3. You are doing a wonderful work !
    I wish I could do photo-etching (cause I still have not understood how it works ... But I am a slow girl !)